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In Partnership with the Honeybees of Kendall, Kane and DuPage Counties
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Spring 2014 Beekeeping Classes



Beekeeping for Beginners:     6-week class meeting February 17th - March 24th on Mondays from 6:30pm—8:30pm at The Village Grind Too in Yorkville, IL with an optional day in a beeyard.  Fee for the beginner's course is $75.00 and includes instruction, instructional materials, hive tool, light snacks.

Beekeeping Short Course:     Day-long class runs 8:30am - 5:00pm. Fee for the short course is $69.00 and includes instruction, instructional materials, hive tool and lunch. Opportunity to order equipment and bees for the 2014 season will be available at additional cost. 


         February 8th hosted at Knutson’s Country Harvest, Newark, IL.

         March 1st hosted at Mayneland Farm, Naperville, IL.



RSVP for all classes to Ed Bell at 630-303-3775 or 

Course Description:  Beekeeping is the hobby that keeps on giving. It is an easy and engaging hobby with a life-time of stories to share. Spring is the best time to set up beehives. As we explore a full cycle of a year in a beeyard, you'll learn about the equipment and techniques of beekeeping including:

à Use of the standard Langstroth beehive and other methods of beekeeping

à Honeybee biology and behavior.

à Processes and lifecycle within the colony.

à Bee health, pests, diseases and integrated pest management systems.

à Locating hives in your environment.

à Essential Equipment and beehive construction methods. 

à Seasonal colony management including installation of bees.

à Honey and other hive product production.

à Bee friendly planting and sustainable forage development.

à Bee associations, networking and getting the most of available resources.

 ?? Did You Know ??


· are the only insects to produce food for humans.

· account for 80% of all insect pollination.

· are directly responsible for pollination of 1/3 of all food crops we eat everyday.

· visit approx. 2 million blossoms to produce 1-lb. of honey, or about 55,000 miles.

· consume 8-lbs. of honey to make 1-lb. of beeswax.

· collect 66-lbs. of pollen/year/hive.

· hives contain between 40,000 to 60,000 bees.

· four wings flap 190 times/sec. giving her her buzz.

· fly 2 to 3 miles/flight and up to 7 miles for forage.

· fly about 500 miles in their lifetime.

· can recognize individual’s faces.

· survives the winter months by clustering for warmth maintaining between 85-93 degrees (F) in the center of the cluster (regardless of outside temperatures).

· are not native to the USA. Called ‘the white man’s fly’, they  arrived 5-10 miles before a wagon train. 

· are mentioned in every  major belief systems including both the Bible and the Qur’an.

· are not aggressive by nature, and will not sting unless protecting their hive from an intruder or are unduly provoked.


· is 25% sweeter than sugar and is easier to digest.

· and propolis provide effective antibacterial/antifungal properties.

· found in King Tut’s tomb was still edible.

· is the only food source that does not spoil.

Other Facts:

· Royal Jelly turns a larva into the Queen Bee.

· Beekeeping was well established in Egypt by 2400 BC as depicted on 5th dynasty temple reliefs. 

· The oldest honeybee specimen is over 100 million years old.  Man evolved only 3 million years ago.

Honey Is Available

Through Our Partners:


· Amy’s Organics                                  815-483-8627

     Plainfield, IL         (Year-round & Farmer’s Markets)


· Coffee Drop Shop                               630-845-3255

     Geneva, IL                                           (Year-round)


· Emerson Creek                                  630-551-7100 

     Pottery & Tearoom, Oswego, IL (May to December)


· Garden Faire Organic                         630-636-9125

    Garden Boutique, Oswego, IL              (Year-round)


· Knutson’s Country Harvest                815-695-5595

     Newark, IL                                           (Year-round)


· Mayneland Farm                                 630-244-7510

     Naperville, IL                             (Farmer’s Markets)


· Norway Farm’s Produce                     815-496-2290

     Norway IL                                  (Farmer’s Markets)


· Village Grind, Oswego, IL &             630-554-6678

     Village Grind Too, Yorkville, IL         (Year-round)


· Winding Creek Nursery                      630-553-7211

      Millbrook, IL                                      (Year-round)


· Windy Acres Farm                              630 232-6429 Geneva, IL            (Year-round & Farmer’s Markets)